Plan you career

You’ve Education, But Not the Employment. Why?

Well, the first thing in being educated and not employed is to, ummmmm, Wait. Let’s think it over.


There are not hundreds, not even thousands; in fact tens of thousands job seekers looking for the jobs, the same jobs that you read and apply for, the same ones for which you get interview calls, exactly the same jobs, for which you dress up, and do plan to paper work. And the very same jobs, where you get refused and you remain unemployed.

And you know, you must have got an ideal academic background, or with a great knack of problem solving skills. But, hasn’t everybody else got this these days? So, getting jobs these days are not just subject to telling the degree and next, singing off the job contract and go cool process.

There is always one more educated and more experienced person than you. Remember So, don’t just count on your experience and your education only. Start showing it off in proper and impressive manners, also. See them, and master them ASAP.  

  • Write Job-Centric Cover Letter, Every time You Apply.
  • Make Your Resume Precise and Attractive – A Winning Resume
  • Highlight Your Achievements, Show off because no one can or will, for you.
  • Say NO to ‘Incorrect, Inappropriate English Writing or Speaking’
  • Proper Formatting and Powerful Visual Illustration
  • Avoid Unnecessary Detail, Remember ‘Brevity to soul of Wit’
  • Proof Read, Proof Read, Proof Read


Well, if you are doing things told above and are still scratching you pockets jobless, let us know. Perhaps, you are not targeting for the right jobs.