Plan you career

Get Ideas About Your Career

Have you ever thought of your life as a career? Or better yet, what you want to make of your life in terms of career? Oh, it’s confusing. Isn’t it? Let’s ask simply, what career you want to move ahead in your life.


You see, you noticed. Things are never clear until we make them so. Now, for career planning, its quite important to take stock of things what you have; things include education, experience, interest, achievements, attitude, altitude and fortitude.

Once you have taken a serious note of your caliber and passion, talk to people whom you are inspired with or whom you have confide with your trust.

Ask you friends who know you very well. They can give you better insight about your career, character and current job market position that you have not considered. Let’s cook questions.

  • What qualities they see in you and how much they appreciate them?
  • Had they been blessed with these qualities, how would they have translated them into career planning?
  • What other qualities can add value to these set of skills?
  • What are the prospects of earning a life time career into give industry?
  • Do they have any reference personalities in mind, to connect with or talk with?


Enough ideas, suggestions and cautions, right? Now, be brave and give your best shot. Choose the career and title with hopes of progressing in it.