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Job Hunting Tips

Jobs just don’t come upon by themselves, they are meant to be discovered. That’s why we call it job hunting. There is a simple tactic, ‘The more ways and channels you employ to find a job, the better are the prospects to land on the jobs. When down and out, the key is just to ‘keep eyes and ears wide open’.


Here is how it gets all in line.

Plan to Land on the Right Job:

You have everything that makes you worth employed. All you need is to find the employer who needs you, who knows your guts. There is always one, if not many. Now, it’s time to reach out to him and them, confidently and successfully.

First thing in the phase is, to schedule your week with goals set for each day. For example, Monday morning can be dedicated to dive through Sunday Newspaper, and then apply against 5 job positions. Tuesday can be marked for registering with 5 recruitment agencies, and so on.

Hunt Jobs Where They Are

Finding jobs in itself is a job. Companies these days advertise their jobs in various ways which may include newspapers and online job websites. Now you have to see how you can paddle yourself through these advertisements and where you can find them.

Your Employers Use Internet. Do You?

Mostly, the jobs are announced on the internet. Make sure that you can access them there.

  • There are different job websites where employers open their jobs and allowing applicants to apply through them directly. Such websites, generally, ask for personal profile first. Make one to be eligible for the openings.
  • Recruitment Agencies, though, also often use job websites, but their own websites do carry more powerful job listings. Subscribe to these websites and make sure, you get notified once there are openings.
  • Industry organizations, groups and unions can also be found ripe with jobs. Make yourself available to them also.
  • If a certain employer or a company is what you are after, keep a bulging eye on their website. Highly reputed companies make job listings on their own websites.

Newspapers are Never Outdated. Keep Them at Eyes

How can you miss a job when it must be with your local newspapers? Almost all major daily newspapers bring on a special issue every week which features only or mostly job adverts. On weekends, they specially add up employment section with other general sections. Make sure, your job doesn’t get away with you unnoticed.

Recruitment Agencies Are On the Up. Engage With Them:

Recruitment agencies are born out with one sole purpose and that is, to find people for the organizations. Their job is to find you, so why not make their job easier by reaching them yourself.

Recruitment agencies use newspapers, job websites and their own websites, only to advertise jobs. All you need is register with an agency and apply for the jobs opened with them. These registrations are free, because it’s your employers who pay them to reach to you.

Perhaps, Your Employers Are Waiting For You. If So:

Rarely used, yet most effective way to get employed is to ‘reach employer directly’. You can beat the entire competition, even before it arises. Just picture yourself contacting your employer for the position that he has not even advertised yet and ultimately, no one has applied against.

Reaching out to the employers this way can not only get you speak of your ideal job, it can also ground you to a job opportunity.

There is always one other way to step up the ladder. What's Yours:

As known, there are many other ways where employers wear their recruiting eyes. Have you tried following:

  • Industry Journals – These journals come with industry specific news, including jobs. See which most popular journal for your industry is and where you can buy it. It can be available in library or the internet.
  • Career Expos – Universities, Recruitment Agencies and Industries, they all hold job expos regularly. Employers reach these expos to find talent and thus list their openings. This can be your card, so always keep your gear ready to reach them, wherever they are.
  • Relations and Acquaintances – Use your personal networks; your friends, family and acquaintances. They might have something interesting for your ears that your eyes might have skipped.

With that all said, don’t forget to keep your spirits up and your motivation lifted. Good Luck