Grow Your People

Your people are your biggest asset and their retention is as important as was their acquisition. We often make things harder than they originally are; we over-pour over strategy, rarify our products, perplex over processes… but we neglect the very matter of our business, our people who contribute to the success of everything that we own and that we do and that we will achieve.


‘Grow your People, to Grow your Business’.


Shortage of skilled professionals, high rate of employees turnover, rampant raids over employees… the nightmare of any business, whether large or small. The solution to all this lies in retaining the people that work for you. So, Grow your People to Grow your Business.

I am a Small Business. Is it for me as well?

Well, grow your people does not mean grow people in number, to get it clear. Grow your people means training, coaching and educating employees so as to infuse them with the skills that put them on top performance charts. Grow your people, at the same time, also means to introduce a career direction to your employers where each employee knows what position he holds and what position waits for him next.


So, what rewards await ahead:

  • Increased employee engagement and performance
  • Increased Loyalty, commitment and responsibility levels
  • Increased flexibility of the workforce
  • Increased goodwill as an employer of choice

Where does Career Development Start From:

Ask yourself the questions, questions such as where your business will stand in competition in next 3 years, what core strengths will differentiate you from the rest of the competition and what departments will play vital role in building your business.


Obviously there will be the ‘gaps’ that must be filled. And to fill these gaps, it’s always right time to sit down with your employees and ask them what they can do for you. But, here is the bargain. Give them what they are looking for, to get what you are looking for, in return. This is how things are done in business. Ask them questions like,

  1. What job position would you like to have, ideally? How do you plan to reach for your goal?

  2. Depending upon their interest, ask them if they think that their current job helps them reach towards that job position? See their motivations and look deeper if they are practical also. Being Sales VP because they want to run through dinners and fly off to foreign countries are indicators of nonprofessional person. Write them off from as your lightweights. A true heavyweight will draw inspiration from the challenge and not the benefits entailing any job position.

  3. Ask them about the qualifications, skills, trainings and experience that they think will get them to their ideal job.

Their answers are your invitation to a Career Plan for your company. It would be quite naïve to expect answers right away, so give them the time to think, to consult and to affirm their thoughts. Empower your employees with the tools, knowledge and skills that may take them to their ideal position, and leverage their potentials for your business eventually.